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Chronicles of Tyria: Chapter Three: Under Cerberean Authority V

Coalpaw’s theory was interesting and made some sense, but my thoughts on it were interrupted when Tatianna appeared across the square. She had her head down, running hard with at least half a dozen Lionguard in close pursuit. She stumbled, and they were on her. “Captain!” Coalpaw was moving before either of us had a …

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GuildMag: Razah the Revenant

Ever since the revenant was revealed at PAX South, theories about the new profession’s origins and how it might fit into the world lore-wise have been circulating through the community in abundance. As an avid fan of the original Guild Wars campaigns, my personal favorite of these theories is the notion that the revenant’s powers […]

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MMORPG: Guild Wars 2: The Heart of the Heart of Thorns Debate

This week, Jason examines what we know about Heart of Thorns and whether it will be enough to satisfy content-hungry Guild Wars 2 players.
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Why I Game: GW2: A Persuasive Argument

Well, -I- personally had no problems with the latest change.   Therefore it implies that the change is objectively good.Filed under: Guild Wars 2
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Chronicles of Tyria: Shards Of Memory – Chapter 9, Part 2 – Gendarren Fields

Koda’s Breath threw up a wall of reflection, and the bullet spun harmlessly into the dirt. Serene Wrath concentrated and two clones popped into existence. Korr took a half step back and raised his fists. “Oho!” The pirate said. “So yer fighters eh?” “As are we” Ulfridda’s voice called from behind them. The pirates were …

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