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Chronicles of Tyria: Shards of Memory – Chapter 5, Part 2 – Lornar’s Pass

As Ulfridda walked through the snow, she remembered that day, 163 years ago. Endless walking. It felt like the bottoms of her feet were devoid of skin, and the bones ground together in agony. She clutched her daughter close to her chest, warding away the cold, barely able to hold her attunement to Flame she …

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GuildMag: Heart of Thorns Release Date Announced!

With beta access just beginning, ArenaNet has shown how confident they are in their development efforts by announcing the August 28, 2015 release date for the Heart of Thorns expansion along with a number of details regarding what we can expect when it ships. However, have no fear. ArenaNet has stated once again that they […]

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Dulfy: GW2 April Fools–Airplane Mode

GW2 April fools this year features the airplane mode and camera filters that made the game looks like something from an early 20th century silent film. The airplane mode, if you didn’t know, was a famous bug in beta that had characters extend their arms out like an airplane. Arenanet took this joke further this(...)

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GuildMag: Fixing The Personal Story

When ArenaNet’s New Player Experience was added to Guild Wars 2 in the September 2014 feature pack, no one was prepared for the resulting changes. For veteran players, it was a catastrophic event on par with the Searing, the Foefire, and the Cataclysm. Not only did it lock almost every aspect of gameplay for new […]

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MMORPG: Guild Wars 2: Personal Story Restoration Detailed

A few weeks ago, ArenaNet announced that it would be restoring the Guild Wars 2 Personal Story, most notably replacing the deactivated "My Greatest Fear" story. In addition, steps from Chapter 8 were moved to Chapter 7 which created an issue with players not being able to access some content and gave a feeling of discontinuity to the overall story arc.
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