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How It Works

While our data crunching engine is complex, using
Gold Wars 2 can be represented in 3 simple steps.

Step 1.

We analyze the entire Trading Post's items every 10 minutes.

Step 2.

You search for items by using our search form.

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Step 3.

Results. See matched items and their flipping potentional.

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Community News

We love Guild Wars 2 as much as you do. That's why we've syndicated over 22+ popular and trusted Guild Wars 2 news sites / community blogs for your convenience. Keep up to date with game patches, new trading post secrets, and adventures alike. Take a look at some of the latest entries below.

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Site Updates

You suggest, we listen. We're constantly making upgrades to the site and search result engine based off of user suggested feedback. Follow our latest updates in the Site Updates section. Take a look at some of the latest updates below.

Discontinued/no longer maintained

First off, we'd like to thank the community for being helpful, encouraging, and loving games as m...
April 27, 2015. View full article

SSL back up

Our SSL certificate expired about a day ago and we've reinstalled a new one. The HTTPS version of...
June 14, 2014. View full article

1.7.2 Updates - Heartbleed

We've just patched up the server which protects against the new identified OpenSSL security vulne...
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More features

Take a look at some of the features we offer, some of which you won't find anywhere else.

Item Lists

Adding items to custom lists taking too long? Save items into list, which are accessible on the right side of every page.

Saved Searches

Adding items to custom lists taking too long? Save entire search results into a search list and save even more time.

Copy to clipboard

One-click copying of item names to your clipboard for easy copying & pasting into the trading post screen.
(this was our most requested feature)

Track Investments

Track your sales by using our easy to "track investment" form, available to every item in the search results page. Quickly check all your investments over time to see much gold you've made.


Easily access the site from your iPhone or any modern smartphone.

Export to CSV/XLS

Want to make your own lists / crunch numbers? Export entire search results with all data to a CSV format in one simple click.


Right from the home page, we'll recommend flippable items to save you time from searching new deals.

Knowledge Base

Hop right into Gold Wars 2 by reading our "Getting Started" guide, or learn more about the advanced site features in our knowledge base.

Integrated Calculator

Feeling like crunching numbers? Access an embedded version of on all pages by clicking the "tpcalc" link in the top nav.

Word of Mouth

We asked a few members to submit a testimonial after using the site for one week.

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I always find MMOs an (in-game) money sink. I HAVE to have that cool looking item, the best gear available and it all costs my hard earned copper, which also happens to cost a lot of time. Guild Wars 2 is no exception and it took a few days of farming just to get my 80 exotic gear. Then there's the tier 3 cultural armour which is just way out of my reach... Or at least I thought. I'd read a few guides on the Trading Post but never had the time to wade through all of the different markets, let a lone know what I was actually looking for! Gold Wars 2 makes this super easy and quick, I can hop in game and with in 5 minutes have a huge list of items that I'm buying that I know will turn a profit. I made a few gold within my first hour or so with this tool. Doesn't seem like a lot but it is compared the the 10 silver I was making trying to play the TP before. I also love the lists, I can easily document different markets and particular items I find profitable so I can log in, buy for 10 mins, sell for 5 mins and log out, knowing I will have money waiting for me when I get back. Fantastic tool, thank you!

I just got this today, and I am already seeing great returns. The interface is intuitive and easy to use. Not only that, the tpcalc is a great added bonus. I really like the way it will follow you around, and it makes figuring out actual profit made really easy!

This is DEFINITELY something I have recommended to friends.
Bael <karrildaltaya>

I was skeptical at first since I have been using a different site for prices and margins. I decided to give it a try though. Boy am I glad I did. I was earning 1 maybe 2 gold a day on the trading post before and spending 2 or more hours to do it. The first night I used the GoldWars2 site I spent 30 minutes and placed at least double the buy orders I was ormally about to do. After selling all of the items that came through I ended up making a 7 gold profit IN ONE NIGHT!! I am a believer now.

The saved searched and custom lists come in really handy. I can easily see the margin of the items I have sold in the past and mark my favorite items to sell. New features seem to be coming at a steady pace. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

So much time saved it's unreal! Worth every penny!
I am just wanting everyone to know that is hesitant about investing in this site don't be! I have been on this site for about half a month now and I have made buckets full of gold! I mean I've made over 150G in just 2 weeks with this site without really playing the trading post more than an hour a day! I will tell you that you can probably make just as much using GW2spidy but the time saves me is unreal I mean it's literally hours a day I would be spending extra flipping through items just to see if they were profitable and have a good quantity etc. I mean without there advanced filtering system that 1 hour would most likely turn into 2-4 hours depending on how many items I'm buying that day. In all seriousness though this site is an awesome investment all around and Tim and whom ever else works on the site is great, There are frequent updates and they respond to emails in a flash!
Matt Davidson <mdwow1997>


First, I wanted to say congrats on an absolutely amazing site. When I first heard about GoldWars2 from the GuildWars2TradingPost blog, I was skeptical. However, I figured for 5 bucks a month I would try it out. The site is beautiful, well organized and polished. The features are amazing and incredibly useful and its well worth 5 bucks a month.

I also had an idea. I am lazy. I know a lot of other gamers that are as well. I want to make gold, but I don't want to spend a great deal of time watching auctions, flipping, etc. That's where your site comes in handy in the first place! When I get up in the morning, I like to put in buy orders quickly and go about my day. To put in buy orders using information from GoldWars2, I have to type in the items I find, search for them and then put in orders from there. Again, I am laaaaaazy. How about a button that I can click to copy the name of an item found in a search so I can paste it right into the trading post window in-game? Its ridiculous, nit-picky, etc., but it would be one thing the competition doesn't have and would allow for faster flipping!

In any case, you have a fan and enjoy the fruits of your labor! I wish you all the best!
Chris Drzal <tehdrizzzleswitch>